TINE Ingrediens
Lakkegata 23
NO-0187 Oslo
Tlf. 03080
  • TINE Ingredients

    TINE Ingredients gives you natures best Ingredients.

    Milk is one of our most significant nutrition’s, and the starting point for a large number of products.

    We take the milk from each other and put together the ingredients with high functionality and high nutritional value.

  • This is TINE Ingredients

    • Sales organization with highly qualified consultants
    • ingredients based on milk and marine raw materials
    • Leading ingredient provider to the Norwegian food industry
    • Supplier of customized ingredients international
    • TINE Ingredients has consultants in meat, fish, ready meals, bakery and patisserie
    • Our common goal is to modify the ingredients that provides the best functionality in relation to each product
      • Top quality
      • The best possible total economy
  • TINEs research and developement department

    Close dialogue with the competent professionals

    Access to TINE's Research and Development Centre

    • Bakery / confectionery
    • Botchers
    • Dairy plant
    • Chemical and microbiological laboratory
    • Sensory laboratory
  • Our goal

    That is to say:

    • Top quality
    • Minimal shrinkage
    • The best possible total economy
  • Our products

    Liquid dairy ingredients: milk, cream and yoghurt

    Permanent dairy ingredients: cheese, butter

    Milk-based powder: Milk- and cream powder, cheese powder, yogurt powder, whey powder and whey protein powder (WPC80)

    Marine Oils: EPADHA omega-3 oils and emulsion


    TINE SA is the parent company TINE

    TINE's purpose is to operate the food business on cooperative basis

    The TINE Group refines and sells primarily milk and dairy products, but also has manufacturing and sales of other food products

    With us we have:

    • 15 000 producers
    • 5 dairy terminals
    • 44 dairy plants
    • 5675 employees
    • 480 Items in Food stores
    • About 80 launches per year (including Re-launches)
  • Quality throuout the value chain

     The presence and expertise in the entire value chain, providing unique opportunities to guarantee product quality and complete deliveries

    Unbroken cold chain is essential for the quality TINE has on their brands

    Both warehouses, tanks and vehicles must have proper temperature from the farmer, the plants and out to the delivery point

  • Environment

    TINE should utilize their resources in an optimal and sustainable manner

    TINE climate targets:

    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020 (starting point 2007-level)
    • Conversion to bio-energy and district heating
    • Energy efficiency
    • Transportation
    • Food waste
  • Community responsibility

    TINEs community responsibility is linked in particular to three areas:

    • Norwegian dairy
    • Resource utilization
    • Nutrition
  • Direction towards year 2020

    TINE will differentiate itself from other players by delivering the taste as Norwegians recognize as natural, genuine, pure and habitually Norwegian

    Good and healthy food experiences

    In addition, we have three areas that we must do at least as good as our competitors

    • Responsible food
    • Cost-efficient food
    • Accessible food